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New guideline on Hospital Ventilation

Our esteemed member, R3 Nordic is happy to announce the publication of a new guideline on Hospital Ventilation.

The guideline is written by a group of Nordic experts from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden who have decades of international experience within the field. For several years there has been a common understanding by the authors of this document about the solid basis for Hospital Ventilation design that has now been published in this common guideline for the Nordic countries.

This design guide provides guidance and a solid basis for design as well as for verification of the technical performance of ventilation systems. It also gives guidance for the users to assess the realization of the critical indoor parameters as well as life-cycle quality assurance of the system performance.

This guideline outlines basic requirements for the proper design of ventilation systems for hospital applications. The guideline expresses what is perceived to be the best practice in the field at the point of publication. The published guideline is under continuous maintenance by the R3 guidelines section to make them living documents being able to include new advancements and feedback from the field.

We would like to recognize contributors from Denmark; Flemming Malcho Jan Mottlau, Finland; Kim HagströmJukka Vasara, Norway; Kari Solem Aune and Sweden; Bengt LjungqvistBerit Reinmuller.

The full document may be downloaded for free from the following link:



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