ISCC'24 Symposium

What is ICCCS Technical Committee (ITC)?

The standards activities by the ICCCS are executed by the ICCCS Technical Committee (ITC). The ICCCS has a liaison with the ISO TC209 “Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments”. The ITC committee fulfills the ICCCS mission in standardization.

The ITC stimulates international cooperation of the ICCCS member societies in the field of cleanroom and contamination control standards.

The ITC serves as the international gateway to advance and harmonize cleanroom technology and contamination control standardization.

ITC still has to develop its activities to support the development of international standard on cleanrooms and associated contamination control aspects.

The ITC will be the organization that can provide input and comments on cleanroom technology and contamination control standards as an international organization and through the experts of the member societies. 

The ITC will provide expert knowledge and facilitate expert discussion on actual subjects in ISO working groups.

The ITC will develop a roadmap for the standards activities the ICCCS should be involved in.

The members of the ITC: 

  • Frans Saurwalt (Chair)
  • Koos Agricola
  • Orkun Özkurt
  • Kim Hagström
  • Kari Solem Aune
  • Steve Ward 

The committee wants to expand with interested and experienced younger members to ensure a good future. Experts that are willing to offer knowledge and/or discuss various subjects with experts of ICCCS members can join the ITC.