ISCC'24 Symposium

What is ICCCS Symposia and Events Committee (ISEC)?

ICCCS Symposia and Events Committee is in charge of Promotion & Visibility

The Committee consists of:

  • The Chairman who chairs the committee;
  • Members from the Council of Delegates volunteering to serve on the committee.
  • Other volunteers engaged by the Chair.



  • Develop and promote the ICCCS symposium under the host society
  • Connect with other ICCCS members to encourage attendance and support
  • Provide for liaison meetings of the ISO/TC 209 Technical Committee and its  working groups in conjunction with the symposium, if agreed by ISO/TC 209
  • Review potential for other regional conferences
  • Report on the progress of the symposium to the Executive Board, Council of Delegates, and ISO/TC 209 Technical Committee

The members of the ISEC: 

  • Frans Saurwalt (Chair)
  • Hasim Solmaz
  • Koos Agricola
  • Sergio Mauri