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International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS) is  a Non-Profit Organisation For The Promotion Of The Field Of Contamination Control. ICCCS was founded in 1972 in Switzerland during the first ICCCS symposium. In 2022, ICCCS celebrate 50 years of activity. The International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies is an international community for national society on cleanrooms and contamination control. At the moment there are...

About Us

ICCCS Mission Statement


To coordinate international exchange of contamination control knowledge


To coordinate and promote international contamination control standardization


To help the elimination of technical barriers to trade


To recruit new societies and continually develop the ICCCS community


ICCCS provides a network for specialists in cleanroom and contamination control


To serve as the international gateway to advance cleanroom technology and contamination control knowledge and provide leadership for standardisation activities.


The ICCCS is an organisation for national member societies that creates and stimulates international cooperation in the development, application, education and standardisation of cleanroom technology and contamination control best practices.