How can I become a member? 

There is no personal membership in ICCCS. If you want to become a member set up a national cleanroom or contamination control society. Only one society per country can become a member. In the United Kingdom for instance, Scotland (S2C2) is a member and no other society from England can become a member anymore unless the S2C2 resigns its membership.

Does ICCCS have certified cleanroom courses?

ICCCS members can submit a cleanroom technology course, that fulfils the ICEB (International Cleanroom Education Board) guidelines, for international accreditation.

ICCCS stimulates the exchange and development of courses with content that fulfil the ICEB guidelines.

ISO standards are normally distributed and promoted by national standard organizations. How does a ICCCS get involved into the standards work?

National Contamination Control Societies cooperate with national standards organization. The ICCCS members coordinate their activities and provide a network of specialists. You can visit our Standardization page to learn more about the current status of the ISO standards

Why do cleanroom societies have contamination control in their name and not cleanroom?

A cleanroom is an environment where the cleanliness of the air and/or surface is controlled. Contaminant are particles, viables (micro-organisms), nano size particles and/or chemicals. The basic operation of a cleanroom can be checked by the air cleanliness by particle concentrations.
A cleanroom is applied to make products or to provide services that are vulnerable for contamination. The way to design, apply and maintain contamination control is a much broader technology than cleanroom technology alone.

Is there a membership fee?

The membership fee is € 550 per year.

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